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    With proper stretching, standing calf raises can be a beneficial part of regular strength training. Strong calf muscles contribute to overall stability, reduce stress on the Achilles tendon,1 and give the lower leg a defined appearance.
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  2. Triceps Hammer Machine

    The Hammer Strength Select Triceps Extension is a fundamental part of the strength training progression. The angled seat and arm pads enhance stability during exercise, and the handle pivots automatically accommodate different forearm lengths.
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    The standing calf raise is a popular movement to target the calf muscles of the lower leg,and in particular the gastrocnemius muscles.
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  4. Shoulder Press Hammer

    The hammer shoulder press is similar to traditional shoulder press except for a slight change in grip. The difference in grip, however, makes an impact on how your shoulder joints move and which portion of your shoulder muscles has to handle the load. Using a hammer grip also reduces the stress the exercise places on your shoulder joints compared to the traditional grip.
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  5. Rowing Hammer Machine

    Hammer Strength Rowing Machine is oval hand grip positions provide exercise variation and different muscle involvement. Independent movement arms provide more balanced strength improvement and offer the choice of training one arm at a time or simultaneous concentric and eccentric movement on opposing arms
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  6. Preacher Curl Hammer Machine

    Hammer Curls draw their name from the hammer-handle-like grip you have on the dumbbell when you perform them, but the label suits the exercise in more ways than one. This move will absolutely hammer your arm muscles, especially your biceps.
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  7. Multi Chest Press Hammer

    The hammer strength chest press is different from the barbell bench press because it strengthens the chest muscles. ... The chest press hammer machine is used to do the pressing movement with an aim of isolating the muscles of the chest from other muscled and working on them.
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  8. Leg Curl And Extension Hammer Machine

    The Plate-Loaded Seated Leg Curl is designed to reduce joint stress and provide minimal stress on alternate muscles. Hamstring motions are trained using a unique machine that allows specific user alignment by encouraging the kneecap to barely touch the thigh during set up.
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  9. Lateral Raise Hammer Machine

    The rear lateral raise, also called the bent-over lateral raise, is an exercise that increases strength and hypertrophy (growth in size) of your rear deltoids. These are the small muscles found on the backs of your shoulders.
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  10. Lat Pulldown Hammer Series

    Lat Pulldown Hammer is a exercise machine exercise that primarily targets the lats and to a lesser degree also targets the chest, middle back and shoulders. The only hammer strength - pulldown equipment that you really need is the following: hammer strength machine. There are however many different hammer strength - pulldown variations that you can try out that may require different types of hammer strength - pulldown equipment or may even require no equipment at all.Learning proper hammer strength - pulldown form is easy with the step by step hammer strength - pulldown instructions, hammer strength - pulldown tips, and the instructional hammer strength - pulldown technique video on this page. hammer strength - pulldown is a exercise for those with a intermediate level of physical fitness and exercise experience.
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  11. Incline Chest Press Hammer

    The Plate-Loaded Iso-Lateral Incline Press was blueprinted from human movement. Separate weight horns engage independent diverging and converging motions for equal strength development and muscle stimulation variety. Horizontal grips simulate a traditional bench press machine for comfort.
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  12. Abdominal Crunch Hammer Machine

    The AB Machine Hammer or Abdominal Crunch trains the full abdominal wall by using two motions - upper body moving downward and the lower body moving upward. The Abdominal Crunch machine targets your abs. The machine places you in a seated position. Hook your shins underneath the leg pads and then reach up behind each of your shoulders and grab the arm handles.
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  13. Olympic Decline Bench Hammer

    The Olympic Decline Bench offers an Olympic style decline bench press with the same high-grade durability and quality that comes with Hammer Strength benches and racks. Size is approximately 60 in x 53 in x 50 in.
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  14. Olympic Incline Bench Hammer

    The Hammer Strength Olympic Incline Bench offers an Olympic style incline bench press with the same high-grade durability and quality that comes with Hammer Strength benches and racks. APPROXIMATELY 51 in L x 52 in W x 58INCHS
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  15. Olympic Flat Bench Hammer

    We are using advanced technology in manufacturing Hammer Bench Press (Free Hand) fitness equipment. It is engineered designed for the development of muscle of chest and arm. You can add weight plates as per your capacity. Equipped with sturdy pulley and bench, these free hand machines are popular for providing high efficiency and flawless performance. Once you understand the basic function of this Hammer Bench Press, it becomes very easy to exercise even without trainer.
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  16. PEC Fly Hammer

    The Hammer Strength Select Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid is a fundamental part of the strength training progression. It incorporates two different exercises while still offering pivoting arms and optimized handle placement to eliminate adjusting between exercises.
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  17. 45 Degree Leg Press Hammer

    The 45-degree leg press machine is an outstanding compound push exercise to target the quadriceps and glutes. It allows the lower body to move in a motion similar to the squat while supporting the glutes and upper body.
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